Imatge que mostra els jaciments de Ullastret i vegetació

A dramatized and accessible tour of Ullastret

The Iberian city of Ullastret proposes an interesting dramatized tour, adapted to everyone, through the story of four imaginary characters. This is a tour that was already done successfully in the site, which has now been adapted to people with reduced mobility and visual impairment.

The story

The tour is made by four imaginary characters based on the knowledge we have of the archaeological site. The story of a warrior who is called to war is told at a time when the city of Indika (Ullastret) is going through difficult times. They have no grain or food and the future wife of the warrior is left in charge of the city. The tour tells about several adventures of the future wife of the warrior, a low-class Indikan girl and a Greek merchant. All that with the uncertainty of whether the warrior will return victorious or end up with his head cut off and hanging on a stately home of the enemy tribe (historical practice that took place in ancient Indika).

Tactile and mobility support

A Madrid-based company specialized in films and audiovisual material for the visually impaired has made the necessary adaptations to the tour so that people with visual impairments can enjoy the entire tour. These are mainly vocabulary adaptations that allow visitors to follow all actions without external support. The descriptions are understandable for everyone and there are also tactile adaptations that allow you to touch and understand the operation, for example, of a loom and a flourmill when mentioned in the story. The explanations during the guided tours are, then, through dialogue and hand touch.

In addition to the content, the route of the tour, which is already accessible to people with reduced mobility, has also been adapted, although manual wheelchairs cannot completely follow it due to some slopes on the site. Thus, the site says that in these cases their staff can be requested to help people who need it at certain known points that are too steep.

Adapted dramatized tours will take place on June 22, July 27 and August 9 and 24. If you want to take a guided tour, it is recommended to book through the contact form on the website.

Image: Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya – Ullastret