Accessible beaches on the Costa Brava

Family-friendly, more isolated, wild, accessible … on the Costa Brava we have a wide range of amazing beaches that you will surely want to visit this summer. But are all the Costa Brava beaches accessible to people with reduced mobility?

All the beaches that have the necessary elements so that everyone can enjoy the beach and the sea, regardless of their physical condition, are considered accessible. Therefore, these will have to have a series of elements such as ramps, walkways, accessible toilets, support services, adapted showers, amphibious chairs or cranes so that everyone can enjoy them.

Although we would like all beaches to be accessible, we find that only some are; Following is a compilation of some of the most accessible beaches on the Costa Brava.

At the end of this article you can also download a document with a list of all these beaches so that you can check which services best suit everybody.

These are some of the Costa Brava beaches included in the document.


Blanes beach

This fantastic beach on the Costa Brava is made up of golden sand of different shades, fine and pleasant to the touch. It is located in the town centre of Blanes and is 625 meters long and 60 wide. Thanks to its large size, you will find enough space to be comfortable and enjoy a pleasant day at the beach with your family.

Some of the services offered by Blanes Beach are the following: adapted showers, accessible bathrooms, loungers, lifeguard service, shaded area, amphibious crutches, amphibious chairs, an adapted dressing room and a walkway. It also has nets, for those who like to play volleyball.

Lloret de Mar

Lloret beach

With a length of more than one and a half kilometres, this is the largest beach in the whole town. Located in the town centre, it has a car park that allows you to leave your car by the beach and thus facilitate your access.

Of white and thick sand, the beach has all the necessary services so that everyone can enjoy the sun and the sea with total comfort. Among these services are the following: amphibious chair, amphibious crutches, accessible bathrooms, walkway, a safety rope, ramps, an adapted dressing room, access to the beach bars, an adapted shower, a shadow area and a crane for people with reduced mobility.

In Lloret de Mar you can also find the Fenals beach that shares some similar characteristics to the beach of Lloret and is also accessible for wheelchair users, with the only difference that the latter does not have a crane or ramps to access to water.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Pol beach

Sant Pol beach is highly recommended to families with little children. It has a shallow water beach and a playground where children can spend long hours playing and interacting with other children. On this beach, there are some of the last coastal dune formations of the Costa Brava, a unique ecosystem that stands out for its natural beauty. This beach offers the following services: accessible bathrooms, a walkway, amphibious chairs, amphibious crutches, handrails in the water and a shaded area.

The beach of Sant Feliu

Of granulated sand and rocky bottom, it has marked areas and safety ropes for bathers, accessible bathrooms, a walkway, amphibious chairs, amphibious crutches, handrails in the water and a shaded area. The nautical activities companies offer: sailing and kayaking school, windsurfing, water-skiing, boat rental and scuba diving.

Platja d’Aro

Main Beach

Platja d’Aro’s Main Beach is located in one of the central axes of the town, very close to its commercial centre and leisure centres. It is a very extensive beach, approximately 2.5 km long, made up of fine golden sand.

It has a walkway for easy access, amphibious chairs, accessible bathrooms, support service, ramps, adapted showers, car park for wheelchair users, access to the beach bars, amphibious crutches and safety ropes. It is considered a fully accessible beach for wheelchair users ideal to go with your family.

Cala Rovira

Cala Rovira is characterized by being a thick-sand but very safe cove. It has been recognized with a blue flag for the good conditions of the water and the quality of the services that are offered. It is 237 meters long and 43 meters wide, and because of its size, it looks more like a beach than a cove.

With a moderate urban development, Cala Rovira has in its surroundings a historic attraction, the Roman town of Pla de Palol, whose remains have been recovered and open to the public for free visits. You can park near the cove, taking advantage of the surrounding streets that have parking spaces for wheelchair users. It also has accessible bathrooms, access to the beach bars, walkways, an amphibious chair, support service and a safety rope.

Sant Antoni de Calonge

Torre Valentina beach

The Torre Valentina beach honours the Valentina tower, a 16th century watchtower building whose mission was to see pirate attacks in advance. 

This beautiful fine sandy beach has been distinguished with the blue flag and with the EMAS European environmental certification. In addition, it has the following services: amphibious chairs, adapted showers, accessible bathrooms, shaded areas, ramp access to the beach, walkway, a guide for people with visual impairment, bathroom support service for people with disabilities, crane service, amphibious crutches and walking sticks.


Main Beach 

Palamós’s Main Beach is located in the town of Palamós, located in the centre of the Costa Brava, in the Baix Empordà region. As its name indicates, it is the largest beach in the municipality. It is a fine sandy beach facing the southwest and is in an urban area with a high degree of occupancy in the summer. It is 590 meters long and 50 meters wide.

The beach offers different services for users, such as adapted and accessible showers, a walkway, amphibious chairs, adapted bathrooms, Red Cross service, ramps, shaded areas, bars, beach bars, parasols and pedalos for hire, rescue flags, litter bins, children’s areas, first-aid post, etc. The beach is perfectly adapted for wheelchair users.



As its name suggests (“blue water”), Aiguablava is a cove with crystalline and shallow water. Its shallow seabed makes it one of the most famous beaches on the Costa Brava. With fine, clear sand, it is ideal for a great day out with family or friends. 

Aiguablava has a car park for wheelchair users, accessible bathrooms, amphibious chairs, Red Cross service, walking frames and a walkway. You can also enjoy the Platja del Racó and Sa Riera, which also offer amphibious crutches if necessary. See this document (link) to access the list of all the accessible beaches on the Costa Brava.

The beach has a free car park by the beach and a car park for wheelchair users.


Main Beach

L’Estartit’s Main Beach is an extensive 3.5 km-long golden sand beach, with a width of 100 meters on average and is divided into 3 parts: the main beach of 1 km in length, Griells beach 500 metres long and Pletera 1.8 km long.

L’Estartit’s Main Beach has a long walkway to access the beach in a comfortable and easy way, accessible bathrooms for people with reduced mobility and adapted showers. It also has amphibious chairs, amphibious lounger and support service.


Almadrava Beach

It is a 450-metre-long beach with fine sand and turquoise blue waters. Since 1992, it has obtained, every year except 1993, the Blue Flag award of the European Community, recognizing the quality of its waters and the services it offers.

This beach has: coast and land surveillance, marked areas, bins, Red Cross, phones, good signage, ramp, amphibious chairs (phone (+34) 972 25 24 90 to reserve), restaurants, drinks and ice cream vending posts, loungers, parasols, awnings, pedalo and kayak rentals, volleyball net and boat anchorage area. Unfortunately, there is no walkway and adapted bathrooms for people with reduced mobility.


Portbou Main Beach

On the North Costa Brava, in the Alt Empordà region we can find the Portbou’s Main Beach. It is a beach located in a natural area with a high degree of occupancy in the summer. The beach is composed of thick sand, ideal for those who do not like the typical fine sand that gets everywhere. It has a length of 280 meters and a width of 20 meters until the shoreline.

It has been awarded the blue flag for the quality of its services. It is adapted for people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility.

It has a walkway that facilitates access to the sea and a platform in the water with two showers. It has accessible and adapted toilets and has handrails in the water to facilitate access and bathing.

Want to know about more beaches accessible to everyone? Download this document.