Accessible campsites on the Costa Brava

Current problems in the Costa Brava campsites

In 1980, the concept of accessible tourism in Catalonia came about for the first time, but today we still find spaces and leisure activities that are not accessible to everyone. As an example, we find few adapted campsites: we see non-accessible toilets, establishments with products on very high shelves, steps, steep slopes, switches that are too high, narrow corridors, etc.

In short, the term “accessibility for everyone” is something that could be better integrated in our territory and we must raise awareness and value the work done by some adapted campsites, so that those that are not consider this improvement. The goal is for everyone to enjoy as much as possible a holiday in a natural environment surrounded by special attractions.

Actions with a future perspective

A good example of an accessible space is Bassegoda Park campsite, which during the weekend of the 18th and 19th of May 2019 was a meeting place for people with disabilities, who were able to share their stories and experiences about disabilities.

Thanks to this action, the campsite becomes aware of the needs of this collective and can adapt its facilities beyond what the regulations say, applying improvements that facilitate accessibility. In addition, it proposes a new idea of ​​campsite that can make it unique and different from the competition, because unfortunately we are facing a market where being accessible is to be different.

The fact that campsites bet on this target is a way of knowing their interests. As an example, wheelchair users prefer campsites of 3 stars or more, because they are better specialized, they follow the regulations more strictly, are under more pressure to be accessible, they are more comfortable, etc.

Therefore, if a campsite knows everything that attracts and interests a specific collective, it is a way to be able to persuade them and get their loyalty as clients who will surely repeat the experience if they are satisfied.

Accessible campsites on the Costa Brava

There are many campsites that are aware of the importance of accessibility and that are working to improve and extend their services. Next we recommend some:


It is considered one of the best campsites adapted to people with disabilities in terms of facilities and services. Located in Sant Pere Pescador and very close to the beach, the Àmfora campsite is fully equipped with facilities adapted to people with reduced mobility.

It has access ramps to the beach, as well as special chairs to move around the sand and the water. It also has an amphibious chair in the pool to enjoy a safe dip. Accessibility extends to the restaurant and public toilets of the campsite, fully adapted.

For more information, you can contact the campsite on the following telephone number: (+34) 972 52 05 40 org by filling in the form on the camping website.

Riembau campsite

Located in Platja d’Aro, it is in the middle of a beautiful unspoilt area, surrounded by beaches and coves with golden sand, ideal for doing a lot of outdoor sports and in a natural environment with interesting cultural, gastronomic, leisure and fun attractions aimed at all ages.
It has perfectly adapted toilets and an adapted pool. It has ramps that facilitate access to the different campsite facilities and has a public transport stop near it. It has 3 adapted lodges.
For more information you can contact the campsite on the following telephone number: (+34) 972 817 123 or by filling in the form on the campsite website.

Les Medes campsite

This campsite is located 2 km away from the centre of L’Estartit.
It has quite accessible ways to reach the facilities. It has fully adapted bathrooms, has accessible leisure areas and a pool with a hydraulic chair. It has adapted rooms and an adapted restaurant. The vast majority of elements such as the sockets, bins and other elements of the camping area are at the right height for easy access.
For more information, you can contact the campsite on the following telephone number: (+34) 972 75 18 05 or by going to the campsite website.

Les Medes campsite