Adventure sports on the Costa Brava

The concept of adventure sports has become very popular in Catalonia since the 1990s and has enabled the development of new activities considered risky in many places of the Catalan territory, especially on the Costa Brava. We can all do adventure sports in the mountains, on the beaches, in the air and even in water.

What are adventure sports?

Adventure sports, also known as extreme sports, are a set of risky, usually non-competitive activities that are undertaken in a natural environment. Nowadays, companies that offer the service of these activities have to comply with several regulations that make them, generally, completely safe. Having said that, they’re activities that tend to give you an adrenaline rush! That’s precisely their appeal and what sets them apart from other sports.

Who can do them?

Everyone can do adventure sports unless it is prohibited by a health professional, but as a general rule, everyone should be able to enjoy adventure sports regardless of their physical condition.

Despite the popularity of adventure sports, not all companies that offer their services are adapted to all needs, and therefore not all are accessible to everyone. However, the Costa Brava offers a wide variety of inclusive adventure sports activities so that everyone can enjoy them. Below, we outline some of the most interesting inclusive activities on the Costa Brava.

Inclusive adventure sports

1. Accessible sailing

With the aim of facilitating access to the pleasure of the sea and sailing, the Sailing School of the Club Nàutic l’Escala offers  accessible sailing adapted to the physical and social conditions of each person. The school works under the name “Sailing for Everyone” in order to integrate people with disabilities into adventure sports.

Among other things, they offer individual and collective boats suitable for your needs (Access and Raquero), a team of professional instructors who constantly safeguard you and a personalized service.

For more information you can check the web or call the central office on (+34) 972 77 00 16 or the sports office on  (+34) 972 77 69 49.

2.  Paragliding flight

If your dream has always been to fly, Vol Factory can make it happen. Located on the road from Vilamalla to Fortià, Vol Factory organizes  two-seater Paratrike trips so that everyone can enjoy an excellent experience where we just have to sit down and listen to the explanations given to us by the instructor.

Everyone can do it and the best of all is that no special physical condition is necessary and it’s ideal for people with reduced mobility. During the flight, you can enjoy a whole new series of sensations where adrenaline mixes with pleasure, tranquility and freedom to fly. The flight lets you see the wonderful landscape contrasts in the Alt Empordà: beaches, sea and mountains.

For more information, you can contact the organization on (+34) 62287887 or on the web or by filling in the form on the web’s contact section.

3. Accessible balloon flight.

Flying in a balloon over the Natural Park of the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa is something that everybody should experience once in a lifetime. Vol de Coloms offers families with children, the elderly or those with reduced mobility this fantastic experience with all the needs they require. Large and adapted baskets, comfortable and with a door to make it easy to access are some of the features that make an adventure sport accessible to everyone.

The activity allows us to enjoy a unique perspective of the volcanoes of our region, while enjoying a toast with pink cava and a traditional cake from Olot.

Once the flight is over, the ground team offers an adapted transport service that takes you to  Vol de Coloms ‘s facility where a good farmer’s breakfast is served with bread with tomato and cold meats and Santa Pau beans with sausage and desserts from La Fageda Cooperative, coffee and tasting of ratafia. Lastly, at the end of the adventure, a flight diploma signed by the pilot will be issued.

For more information you can check the Vol de Coloms website or call (+34) 972 680 255/689 471 872.

If you want to travel in comfort and enjoy the view, we recommend Globus Barcelona. They have a basket with very comfortable seats where you will be safe without worrying about anything. You can contact them on the web or by phone (+34) 665 70 42 65.