La imatge mostra l'estany de Banyoles i de fons una caseta blanca i natura.

Banyoles accessible to everyone

A day in Banyoles

Both the historic centre of Banyoles and the lake are a must see, and more now that the good weather is here and that days are longer. It is one of the most beautiful places we have in our territory, and the city is actively working to have accessible spaces for everyone. Here are some points of interest in Banyoles, with special emphasis on the adapted services offered.

At the Tourist Office, located in a fishing hut by the lake, you can get the Accessible Map prepared by Costa Brava / Pirineu de Girona.

Accessible lake

The accessibility of the lake promenade is guaranteed thanks to reserved parking areas and the various ramps that allow access to it from the road. At the Tourism Office you will find out that at one of the fishing huts of the Lake, there are accessible bathrooms for wheelchairs.

Also worth noting is that from the lakefront you can access the historical city centre without architectural barriers.

Overview of the Banyoles Estany - Banyoles Town Hall
Overview of the Banyoles Estany – Banyoles Town Hall

Main Square and centre

La Barca Street, which leads to the Main Square, is totally accessible. During your visit you will also find that the most crowded pedestrian crossings have tactile pavement for the blind.

Darder Museum

A mandatory stop on your visit to Banyoles is the Darder Museum. The facility is adapted for people with reduced mobility through access ramps, both at the main entrance and at the rear entrance, which leads to the offices without having to go through the reception of the Museum. It also has an 8-person elevator that gives access to any of its five floors. The audiovisuals and animations at the facility have subtitling in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English) and the permanent exhibition has lettering in those three languages too.

Not accessible but with audio guide

If you want to visit the Serinyà Caves, just 5 minutes away from Banyoles, it should be noted that they are not accessible for wheelchair users but do have audio guides and guided tours; the same applies to the Neolithic park of La Draga and the Roman and Visigoth Village of Vilauba.

For more information you can contact the Tourism Office of Banyoles.