A view of a starry night sky. The Milky Way crosses the image from top to bottom. On the horizon, some trees are silhouetted. Image by Freepik.

Tourism under the stars

Did you know that the planets are the brightest stars in our night sky? The summer nights are a good time to admire Venus, Jupiter and its moons, or Saturn. Enjoy the summer nights under the stars.

Experience an inclusive summer with a prize

Summer is here. Have you already thought about your holidays? In the Costa Brava and in the Girona Pyrenees there are inclusive proposals for all the tastes, needs and abilities. And if you combine them with a little creativity, you can take part in the Costa Brava Inclusive Films Award.

Designing sightseeing tours for all

Everyone wants to have first-hand experiences and a friendly environment is necessary to make this possible. Knowing the profile of the audience will help us to plan the experience correctly and to take into account the needs of the visitor.

Una vista de la façana de la catedral de Girona des del peu de la gran escalinata que la precedeix. La façana de l’edifici és barroca i té una gran rosassa a la part superior. Imatge de JD Andrews.

Inclusive tours around Girona this summer

Getting to know Girona with a tourist guide allows you to discover the city from different perspectives: cultural, artistic, natural, historical… From July 4 to September 12, Girona City Council organizes about forty free guided tours.