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Myriad possibilities for the senior tourist on the Costa Brava

Unique landscapes, a great cultural and gastronomic attraction and a mild climate throughout the year. Everyone knows the great attractions of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees. And senior tourists know it well too! People over 55 years old, to whom sometimes little attention has been paid to, have recently proven to be of key importance in the tourism sector. Senior tourists do not sit still; it is an active and very dynamic tourist profile! Everything it needs and everything it can offer have to be taken into account.

The senior tourist: a dynamic and non-seasonal profile
The senior tourist: a dynamic and non-seasonal profile

Senior but very active

Old age and retirement are no longer synonymous with passive living, quite the opposite! There are more and more profiles of senior people who want to spend their free time doing things they have always liked: travelling, learning and discovering what they were not able to do in earlier stages of life for different reasons. Staying active at old age is key to improving quality of life, and seniors know exactly what they want: take advantage of every moment of their free time, travel while in good health, spend more time with their family, meet new people or pursue hobbies that have always been of interest to them.

Travel and adventure activities

Adventure and discovery also go with the active elderly. Indeed. Unlike its past image, the senior public today is a profile that when travelling seeks an active type of tourism adapted to their pace, which combines adventure, cultural and gastronomic activities, contact with nature and also healthy activities related to wellbeing and local experiences of all around the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona.

One of its traits is that it has greater flexibility when travelling, becoming non-seasonal, that is, they are a profile that can travel throughout the year and not only during the summer months.

A group of tourists enjoying the local gastronomy of the Ripollès
A group of tourists enjoying the local gastronomy in the Ripollès region

It is, therefore, a very versatile and interesting tourist profile to make tourism non-seasonal, a great opportunity for the tourism sector and the territory in general, which is very positive in order to promote all kinds of activities that are offered in the Girona region and which can sometimes be overshadowed by the activities of the summer season.

Tourist offers for the senior public in the Girona region

Our territory has already detected the interest of this public and has a very attractive and comfortable offer. In recent years, the Girona region has made every effort to adapt to the senior tourist in order to offer the best service. Several beaches on the Costa Brava already have accessibility considered, thinking of bathing in the summer season so that everyone can enjoy the sea bathing in it. For more information on accessible beaches, you can consult a list with all the accessible beaches of the Costa Brava on this entry of our blog. See also: 10 reasons to choose the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees of Girona.

Sant Antoni de Calonge Beach
Two people walking through the Sant Antoni de Calonge Beach

But the options for senior tourism go far beyond beaches and the summer season. In Sant Feliu de Guíxols, for example, they have several cultural facilities such as the Espai Carmen Thyssen, which is adapted and is of particular interest to culture lovers of all ages.

With regard to accommodation, there are already specialized places that cater to the senior public, such as Oma Hotel. Oma, which could be translated as “grandmother” in several languages ​​such as German, specializes in long-stay accommodation and has made the senior tourist its main target, offering all kinds of services and activities for them. A lot of accommodation on the Costa Brava, despite not aiming specifically at the senior segment, is also adapted to their needs and have rooms specially designed for them and specific services for their comfort and wellbeing. You can consult the whole range of accommodation on the Costa Brava at this link.

Another town that stands out for its specialized offer for the senior public is Lloret de Mar, which has created a catalogue of especially recommended activities on their town council website. We highlight, for example, visiting the Sant Romà church in the municipality. Torroella de Montgrí and L’Estartit are other towns that have also created an offer specifically for the elderly, and which in this case they have named “Tourism 50+“.

The territory of the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees is one of the references in adapted and inclusive tourism, and continues to work to offer the best tourist experience to everyone, such as the senior tourist or people with reduced mobility and other diverse abilities. The best recipe for an active and healthy life: pills of Mediterranean landscapes, culture and a touch of adventure. Welcome to the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees.

Two people exploring La Fageda d'En Jordà, in La Garrotxa
Two people exploring La Fageda d’En Jordà, in La Garrotxa