Inclusive skiing at La Molina

We can all enjoy snow sports!

Once again winter is here, and with low temperatures the opportunity to enjoy the snowy mountains with snow sports returns. Many look forward to the cold, regardless of their physical condition, age or experience, because fortunately, in recent years the facilities and companies in the sector have been greatly updated in terms of accessibility. Snow enthusiasts will find very diverse options and most are tailored to any need. Next we will review the different kinds of skiing that we can do and the fantastic facilities that you will find in the Girona Pyrenees to enjoy them without impediments!

Whatever type of skiing you prefer

For excitement and adrenaline lovers, we recommend alpine or downhill skiing. It is the type of skiing that focuses on descending at high speeds on steep slopes. It is the best-known and most popular one. Snowboarding is another active option to consider doing at alpine skiing resorts.

On the contrary, Nordic or cross-country skiing is recommended to those who are fond of endurance sports and are looking for enjoying the landscapes of our territory. It is the predecessor of downhill skiing, as it does not require as much infrastructure to reach the top of the slopes, as these are flatter. Unlike downhill skiing, in Nordic skiing the heel is not fixed to the skis, but only the toe is. The main event involves travelling long distances over mostly flat terrain, at a moderate speed. It could be argued that this sport is similar to power walking, but on skis. Ideal for nature lovers.

Nordic skiing at Guils Fontanera
Nordic skiing at Guils Fontanera – Picture: Guils Fontanera

Ski resorts in the Girona Pyrenees

The largest ski resort in the Girona region is Masella, located near the town Alp in La Cerdanya. The resort has 62 slopes of varying levels of difficulty, representing a total of 74 skiable kilometres. Perfect for both beginners and advanced snow sports people!

Also in Alp we find the second largest ski resort in the Girona Pyrenees, La Molina. Together with Masella they form the domain known as Alp 2500, a shared space of both ski resorts that offers services and accommodation to users. La Molina has a total of 66 skiable kilometres organized in 54 slopes. We highlight this resort for making snow sports available for the disabled; La Molina collaborates with the Johan Cruyff Foundation by providing ski schools with the necessary equipment for people with different disabilities to enjoy and learn to ski.

We want to make special mention of Play & Train, an association that works for inclusivity through sport and organizes various activities at La Molina, such as skiing, cycling or other mountain sports such as hiking and climbing. Activities totally accessible to everyone!

In addition, at both stations in Alp, La Molina and Masella, people with a proven disability will be able to have a companion for free.

Vallter 2000 is the third largest alpine ski resort in the Girona region. It is located near Setcases, one of the most charming towns of the Ripollès. The resort has a total of 12 ski slopes and a ski area of ​​10.33 kilometres. A station that stands out for being very family oriented and enjoyable, and also has discounts for people with a disability accreditation card.

Another option for snow sports is Vall de Núria. Despite being a relatively small station, it has a unique access by cogwheel train, which has special seats and discounts for people with reduced mobility or other accredited disabilities, and a hotel complex with adapted services and all amenities. With a total of 10 slopes and 7.6 skiable kilometres, it is located near the town of Queralbs, in the Ripollès.

Scenery from the cogwheel train at Núria
Scenery from the cogwheel train at Núria – Picture: Laurence Norah

Finally, we find the only Nordic ski resort in the Girona Pyrenees: Guils Fontanera. With a ski area of ​​45 kilometres, it is a good choice for endurance sports lovers. It also has 12 kilometres of snowshoe tracks, the first Fat Bike trail in Catalonia and a sledge area specially adapted for the little ones.

Snowparks in the Girona region

Do you know what a snowpark is? It is an area where the most daring skiers and snowboarders can do jumps, pirouettes and all kinds of fun according to each person’s abilities.

As for the aforementioned resorts, the 4 alpine ski resorts: Masella, La Molina, Vallter 2000 and Vall de Núria have this area.

In this section we highlight La Molina station, as it has the best snowpark, concentrating all the freestyle sports. For those who are going as a group, we recommend the one in Masella, as it has stands to relax and observe the snowpark comfortably; the perfect place to take photos and videos.

We recommend you take advantage of this unique time of year to enjoy the mountains and snow without obstacles. The Girona Pyrenees has a really varied range of activities and spectacular landscapes. If you put all your energy and enthusiasm in it, the fantastic facilities in our area will give you all the ease and the rest to have unique experiences.

Soon we are going to publish an article with information on accessible accommodation in La Cerdanya, perfect to complement your stay at the ski slopes.